Adapt: Ben Harmanus One Skates

Adapt, the lightest skate on the market launched his official website. Visit & pre-order your pair of Adapt Ben Harmanus One skates.

Adapt: Ben Harmanus One Skates

The Adapt Brand is a boot company from the Netherlands founded by Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant.

By creating a unique boot design with only the best materials for skating Adapt is putting its mark on the industry.

Every step we take is to offer you a better product. A high end skate with unique features like the Symetrical soulplate system, lightweight structure, perfect fit all designed from scratch.

It is our goal to treat every skate made like it is ours. Adapt is a handmade experience.

Adapt: Ben Harmanus One Skates chimera wheels
Wheels: Chimera Harmanus Brothers Pro Model (57mm/90a).

More Media: Adapt | Ben Harmanus.
Thanks Rik (forums).

Adapt Tutorial: Measuring your Foot

Adapt Tutorial: Heat Moulding The Adapt Cuff

Only do this when you need more space around your ankle. Please follow these instructions carefully, otherwise you can damage your boot.

DO NOT use the microwave. DO NOT use higher temperatures or put the boot longer in the oven.

BE CAREFUL, your boot can be hot when it comes out the oven, especially the metal parts. Use an oven glove at all times.

Adapt Tutorial: Heat Moulding a Pressure Point (Video Offline)

Only do this when you have a pressure point. Please follow these instructions carefully, otherwise you can damage your boot.

DO NOT use the microwave. DO NOT use higher temperatures or put the boot longer in the oven.

BE CAREFUL, your boot can be hot when it comes out the oven, especially the metal parts. Use an oven glove at all times.

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  • http://a a

    I dont see the point in buying these skates…. sorry not trying to be a hater but hey…

  • ian

    ^i dont know, maybe because they are the lightest skates on the market or because you can heat mold them for a custom fit? just a guess. cant really say i like the look of these skates but i definitely like the idea

  • J

    429,90 euros is a little too much !!!!!
    plus the skates don’t have cuff buckles which sucks.

  • Anonymous

    A new skate brand is always a good news for rollerblading. Keep it up and thank you for you devotion !

  • Anonymous

    it looks like this skate willy be floppy right away…the shell itself looks super soft from how he was just pushing it around

  • G

    id like to try those souls on my carbon 2’s

  • Derw Fineron

    In my opinion, I think this is great news for our sport! I really like the idea and that they are handmade! think i might have to get myself some soonish! Well done ADAPT! the look like great skates!

  • pcp

    waaaayyy to expensive imo

  • marco

    this company means a + for our sport.
    limited edition of a super light European handmade skate.
    (not this simple produced skates, by Chinese children)

    i`ve heard the will also produce some vegan boots for some vegan friends of them (no joke!). is there anything bad you can say about it?

    a positive vibe, a good team and no capitalistic goals behind it.

    if you like them, buy them, if not, buy what ever you like.
    the are not talking bad about other companies, they only give you one more option to chose your favorite product.

    and the homepage with its tutorials are awesome. never seen this from any other company, but i`m sure the will copy it :) haha.

    best regards!

  • Anonymous

    I love the way they look and I’m thinking of getting a pair!
    But unfortunately, I don’t see how theses skates wouldn’t go floppy.
    They remind me of the old remz…

    I’d like to hear someone from Adapt responding to that?

  • Dis Dick

    Sizing up for a pair of these is just like the good ol’ days of Remedyz, when their skates didn’t look like moon boots and Kato was living in an RV (but I am happy he made it out of the RV). Love the idea of a handmade skate and I am always willing to pay more for artisanal craftsmanship. I’m all in favor of a more luxury direction with skating. I’m sick of every company trying to look street and producing crappy T-Shirts with logo’s on them and using 15+ year old M12 boots with “cool” sneaker skins. A warm welcome to Adapt… I do hope you can survive in this industry of broke ass clowns.

    But yeah… ankles may go a bit soft, but hopefully not.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in to the product but not the team. I’m pretty sure with the time and effort they put into a product like this they could have got a better list of bladers. When I see that farmer fucked up a pair of protypes I have more confidence in the final product

  • angelo

    $571 wow that is absolutely so cheap now i can buy two pairs of those and pay in advance for camp woodward for a one month stay or i can pay rent for a month hmmm what to do what to do…

  • Danielson

    hmmmm. I dunno………. I really don’t think these are for me…. But I do hope they make some money for working so hard for us.

  • RBO

    Its the little things that get me excited about skates. I by no means will depart from my current skates, but i do like the direction. I look at it as in production model cars. I could buy a Fiat or a Renault, same basic stuff, do a bunch with em but it all comes down to what little things are left out.
    There not re-envisioning the Boot but revamping old ideas that worked. Yeea it looks like the Deshi/USD carbon, with the variant of skin layout and V cut. yeah Ive seen the cool Velcro on the tongue to hold in place from annoying spots. Possible UHMW? Always work like a charm. And the souls have room for large wheel diameter, looks like it could receive a power frame with ease. Little Things lady’s and Gent’s go a long way. Another Step forward in making Booting a larger and aggressive market.

  • Anonymous

    want to try one

  • ian

    lol @ vegan skates

  • Anonymous

    razors, remz, valo and ssm are so last decade. they will go the way of roces. Carbons and adapt are the present and future.

  • donshishi

    love the skates, hates the price. will buy carbon.

  • Anonymous

    hey kids, stop with the hate. there’s nothing wrong with being born as a rich and creative european. luxury brand in the making. possible colab with karl lagerreld in 3 years?

  • mj dudley

    they look sick. Those soul plates look wicked, even batman could be caught using them in his arsenal.

  • Rik

    For the anonymous guy concluding the shell would go floppy because it was ‘pushed around’ in the video: that’s actually the awesome characteristic of the carbon/kevlar material; when hot, you can push it around, when cool, it’s really stiff and solid!

  • Great

    Great – to see a new skate brand, how can you not possibly get excited by that. even if you won’t / don’t want to buy them, it’s great to have a nother company in this small industry. And yeah @Dis Dick is right – reminds me of when i had to fax a copy of my traced foot to Kato to get my Remedyz. Loved it.

    hope it works out well for them, we need innovation.

  • Rob

    I would like to try them out.. I can bet these are just as good as Carbon II’s, but feels different.

  • micky f

    can u buy just the soul plates??

  • jeremy cricket

    I don’t want to hate but when I see them up close it was more like a carbon 1 than carbon 2 and thats a bad thing in my eyes. Seeing as I have had both. The padding is shite in the carbon 1 and the adapt. I would maybe of tried them out if the padding was better and it had a cuff.

  • jeremy cricket

    also I don’t think either USD or Adapt are being adventurous enough with the leather pattern / colour way. Freshest looking skates on the market are the montre skin ontop of the marino boot.

  • JP

    Congrats on the skates, benny! But Powerslide will always be 10 years ahead of everyone else in the carbon game : )

  • Ben

    @JP: You wouldnt say that if you tried those. PS might have experience in carbon products. But having experience does not mean they use it (Carbon Free…mhhh).