Adam Bazydlo: Summer 2015, USD Profile

Here is a collection of clips filmed primarily by Brandon Andersen for Adam Bazydlo‘s USD 2015 summer profile. Adam is known for performing dangerous stunts alone filmed with nothing more then an iPhone.

Adam Bazydlo: Summer 2015, USD Profile

We caught up with him in the streets of Atlanta to film the rest of his blade rampage. Here’s a look into the world of southern blading at its core.

Check out this section and see just why he has earned the nickname Bladezilla (and because nobody knows how to say his last name). Enjoy!

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  • Billy Prislin

    Really sick section. Glad to see some folks are willing to drop some hammers.

  • chi ride

    Hardcore shit

  • Jesse Kuch

    My god…

  • Joey

    Non-stop hammers. This was sick!

  • fuckthisshit

    that last trick! O.o

  • Sebastian Andrei

    keeping the level high !

  • Sean Patrick Quinn