Aaron Feinberg : Mindgame Word Profile

aaron feinberg

The Conference posted the profile of Aaron Feinberg from Mindgame Word.

aaron feinberg
up : Aaron Feinberg, back in the days

aaron feinberg
up : Aaron Feinberg, back in the days. Photo : Catch-up.

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24 Responses to “Aaron Feinberg : Mindgame Word Profile”

  1. churchill Says:

    legend. one silly argument me and my mates used to have was how do pronounce his last name lol feeenburg, fineburg, fenburg etc! haha

  2. ditmar Says:

    Eeah! Aaron! Sick дядька!

  3. ditmar Says:

    Eeah! Aaron! Sick дядька!

  4. Danielson Says:

    Aaron is a great and iconic skater. I just wish his section in Accidental Machines was better/longer. Then again the same could be said about the quality of Farmer and Latimers sections.Kinda funny that the most impressive skating in that flick came from Don Bambrick and Ben Schwab, two guys I really never heard of before this movie. BTW , for all who don’t know… it’s pronounced Fine-berg. Live hard skate hard ,peace

  5. Buggy Says:

    If you make a top10 list skaters of all time aaron have to be in it.
    Portland – hoax4 diasaster backslide, someone have to post this trick/section or crazy aaron at the x-games, there was always a lot of differences between him and the others

  6. ANGELO ferrer Says:

    the michael jordon of rollerblading there will be better in the future but there will never ever be a better skater then him , hes hard skating was a inspiration since sutibal material when he gapd top acid on a kink rail

  7. Delbert Says:

    Great, incredible…a stronger run…but, what´s the name of song???…It´s a great song to great profile…

  8. trs_roller Says:

    such an amazing section, so inspirational

  9. josh is ur daddy Says:

    words is still my favorite video

  10. mike Says:

    Yep best video of all time, thats actually the last video I bought. That came out back when all the good pro’s still skated..

  11. reek Says:

    definitely one of the best skaters of all time. droppin hammers since way back

  12. nicknick Says:

    basically my sister’s and my hero ever since we saw STANDFAST the first senate video. ever since then i wanted to skate forever

  13. Kevin Baguley Says:

    Wow that was really impressive. Im glad I watched that. Aaron’s skating is always so crazy! Good stuff

  14. hans Says:

    the song is Fallen Souls by Ours. the part where he soul to top soul transfers in front of the business man gives me goosbumps ever time. sick section.

  15. tim Says:

    ………..uhhh its called words!

  16. Scott_Nairn Says:

    hahaha and that section was so sick, it was just as entertaining as any of today’s big sections. that 450 cess 360 cess down the bank was amazing…. wasn’t ever expecting it

  17. denzle Says:

    “STANDFAST the first senate video”

    sorry mate gona have to lay down the law…

    DAY OF THE ROPE was the first senate video.

    but back to the subject:

    feinberg is the best skater alive.

  18. CTroller Says:

    I love that video

  19. bla nd bla Says:

    thiiisss is the REAL shit. i tell you this was the true rolling . now it’s like tricks and skills and what ever, no more felling and i donno…… it’s not the same

  20. jenna Says:

    +build a monument for arron he’s the best skater ever….back in the day i was best skatepark skater much respect to his rollin fallin and ballin

  21. jenna Says:

    he was the best park skater much respect to his rollin fallin and still drugin and ballin

  22. seabas Says:

    words= best movie ever and aron = live fast die young leave a good looking corpse

  23. RocesSkater! Says:

    i love Aaron.. hes a mad man.

  24. OMG Says: