Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame, Brain Fear Gone (2000)

Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame, Brain Fear Gone (2000)

Song: Juke box hero – Foreigner. Thanks Mousanony.
Brain Fear Gone (2000): Full Video.

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53 Responses to “Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame, Brain Fear Gone (2000)”

  1. Crush it Says:

    Feinberg was such a boss! That dude was laying down hammers and creative lines for circa 2000. Definitely ahead of his time (like the rest of the Mindgame dudes)

  2. Aaron make me a baby Says:

    B E A S T
    I miss this dude
    please do a come back, again

  3. ... Says:

    This is one of the first great sections of post 2000 era blading. After the crappy grindplate rec converts and shitty slow style started to leave to be replaced with gangster steeze.

  4. Scootsman Says:

    fuck me that wallride at 1:43 was so gnar!! The roof looks like it is falling to pieces and one slips and you go broadside over that fence. I dunno how he does some of this shit must be some kind of wizardry that I ain’t familiar with.

  5. dah Says:

    whole thing is bonkers but the roof gap to sign roll @3:23 is beyond comprehension
    motherfucker had to not only get his speed just right to not impale on the point, but land on the bank and be composed and poised enough to jump out to the street in like 1/100th of a second


  6. @ dah Says:

    I have always thought that was the most underrated trick of that section. Straight up legend, that guy.

  7. Mother. Fucker. Says:

    One of the blading GODS. Spot choice king, king of having huge balls, king of steezing out everything; I bet he even looks cool when he takes a shit. The ultimate rollerblader.

  8. soul2roll Says:

    Feinburg has the rawest, sickest style around. So creative too. Love it!

  9. ha-ah Says:

    And so it ends…

  10. Tökös Says:

    Miss his blading! Good old days, when it wasn’t about spin to grinds.

    Pure stuff!

    Feinberg is the best of all time!

  11. Cody Sagona Says:

    The skates today are so much better and he did this 13+ years ago. Such a boss. He blended stunts, technique and refined style like only Dustin Latimer did during that time. You might have a preference for Latimer but Feinberg was the more important skater and had the biggest impact in and out of the rollerblading scene.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    this is 13 years old!!!

    words and kfc 3 are 10 years old!!!

    fuck what has happened

  13. Fearghal Says:

    Man is a beast, 13 years ago, fuck, getting old.

  14. Anonymous Says:




  15. where did the time go? Says:


  16. Markus Says:

    jesus of rollerblading

  17. Aggressive inline skater Says:

    In my humble opinion the only skater more talented than Feinberg is Jan Welch

  18. Shane Coburn Says:

    Anyone ever notice in his intro, that when Brain Fear Gone is unscrambled his name is spelled wrong… Aaron fienberg

  19. RG Says:

    @ shane: i’ve notiched that, and i’ve always seen it as a reference to VG9 – “hello, my name is aaron fienberg …” miss spellings can be great

  20. Yi Yiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    dah said it best about the roof gap. I kept replaying that and looking at how quickly he was across the street. The whole thing never gets old, but that minute is the real deal. That back torque on the huge white ledge is fucking crazy too.

  21. Kaspa Says:

    And all that amazing skating was done with just a 32mm soul plate or less with those salomons, sick as fuck!

  22. arsene Says:

    legen…… DARY !

  23. OGroller Says:

    This section would stand up in aney vid made today!!!

  24. Magister Ludi Says:

    The reason I began blading. Respect!

  25. RyanCza Says:

    @Cody Sagona… Today’s skates are better? Dude, those were Salomons.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Oh the days…. I remember when I put my order in for Coup De Tat over the phone with rollerwarehouse. The guy on the phone asked me “are you sure?…. I have one copy of BFG left and the video is hella good” Sold. When I got it, watched it. Through the entire video my jaw was on the ground. This video made classic rock popular. Freestyle frames. Freestyle fishbrains. Ripping apart the psiris liners to make them stick out more. You’d have to add up the last 5 years of rollerblading progression to equal BFG

    BFG is the most legend rollerblading video of all time, period

  27. Anonymous Says:

    the best ! give me more please !
    come back

  28. d Says:

    This video should be renamed: Pay Attention Noob Fags Cause This Is Rollerblading

  29. rollerblading is gay Says:

    salomons back then didnt slide like newer salomons.

    feinberg was a mega ultra beast. still is. that little comeback he had and he still fucked shit up.

  30. sbask Says:

    I remember the huge hype around this when BRAIN FEAR GONE came out. Everyone bought it the day it came out as the rumours were Feinberg had a section (his first for a while if i remember correctly)

    Great rollerblader

  31. joshua-roddy Says:

    I remember back then aaron was always the dude that crushed parks and competitions…. Then this section came out and it was a wake up to everyone that feinburg was no joke, street and park he was there to dominate….

  32. Mr Mijagii from Poland Says:

    ^^ man i knew feinberg long time before this section ima skater since 94 for example he has street section in hoax 4 and in suitable material

  33. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Name one section ever made up to right now that touches this. Salomon liners were awesome but the soul plates were so much smaller than nowadays. Its just hammer after hammer with no switch. BFG is seriously the greatest rolling film ever made. Re-release it and I guarantee you it would sell out.

  34. Yi Yiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Hoax 4 is the first one I can remember.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    For his time he was the man … remember…
    Xgames => serious gap on his birthday
    Paris bercy comp => the grind on the Fanta board

    He was my fav and it was great to see this section of him :D

  36. Anonymous Says:

    this is my youth

  37. Witalis Made in Poland Says:

    do you remember his soul to gap over a wall – a second last trick in one of his section in Words? This is rollerblading! If I would like to show people rollerblading I would choose this type of rollerblading.
    Does anyone still remember “do or die expression” ?
    Go big my international friends !

  38. Dave Barnes Says:

    Only section that is equal, is of course BFG Dustin Latimer:)

  39. Witalis Made in Poland Says:

    what a site positioning spam…

  40. Travis Stewart Says:

    This is the google street view of the sign gap.


  41. Travis Stewart Says:

    Those spots (mostly Portland Oregon) are almost all still there, and all still total bangers.

  42. walter sanchez Says:

    he still represents bomb squad and INRI cloth! this dude is so chill!

  43. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    what a trip that Aaron fineberg spells out “brian fear gone” using the same letters…but just got a R left over lol

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Mindgame had the best team ever! except for maybe the USD team from Coup De Tat

  45. bartek Says:

    He was my reason of rollerblading

  46. Aggressive inline skater Says:

    google maps – yeah!!!!!!

  47. What happened to skating? Says:

    Remember this shit next time you out to blade a gay ass curb, or “get tech”. Who does this remind you of today? Danny Malm? Jon Bolino? Style, skill, and BALLS. I miss this type of stuff. What happened to rollerblading?

  48. top 10 songs Says:

    I never would have imagined I would have to know this, but thank goodness for the web

  49. Switzerland Says:

    One of the most magic section ever!!!!!

  50. Anonymous Says:

    they built a bench @ the church gap …..
    because feinberg

  51. Yi Yiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    He had a sick gap from a vert ramp to a bowl at the end of one of the VG videos. It was at an indoor park in Michigan, I think.

  52. Yi Yiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Another sick one to the list was off the top of the vert ramp, over a staircase, and to about 5ft quarter at Sanctuary Skatpark in Naples. THat was the shit.

  53. Tökös Says:

    Good to read all the good comments! No troll kids this time, cause they know nothing about this. They were sperms when Aaron was killing spots.
    I almost named my son Aaron, but it sounds stupid in my language.
    The song is till on my mp3. Whenever i feel o’m out of energy after a short session i turn on it and BANG!