Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame Accidental Machines

Accidental Machine (2006). A Mindgame Video. 2014 Repost.

Aaron Feinberg: Mindgame Accidental Machines

Aaron Feinberg: More Media.

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  • Scandinavian

    Most important figure in professional rollerblading ever.

  • BallsDeep

    “Most important figure in professional rollerblading ever”

    What a stupid thing to say. You’re wrong you fucking idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking KING !

    haters gonna hate. Feinberg helped push our sport to the next level.

  • Damien L

    I met him just once… He was good, but so narcissistic and arrogant than I was like… meh, you don’t deserve the attention… :(

  • Anonymous

    Nah, Aaron’s narcissism is really just social awkwardness. Dude has a weird personality.

  • Sbask

    Most complete rollerblader…ever

  • Anonymous

    why the short huh?

  • joSh

    i remember this edit fucking with my head so hard when it came out. i did not know if the drama at the intro was real, or if it was the cause of his part being so short, or anything.
    i wanted to break that fucking thing because i primarily bought it for his section.
    regardless it was 1 minute of pure insanity.

  • Adam

    Feinbergs status in is already cemented in history as legendary. His trick vocab in both brain fear gone and words among many others will not be replicated anytime in the near future. Everyone gets so caught up in what’s great now when a lot can be learned from the not so distant past. Feinberg paved the way for many others that have since become legendary, bambrick and haffey to name a couple.

  • Mike

    Feinberg focused… So good!


  • bio540

    Feinberg vs Aragon!!!!!!