Aaron Feinberg + Brandon Campbell: Kizer Insiders

Flashback: Kizer Insiders (Team Video) by Matt Mickey.

Kizer Insiders: Kizer Team DVD

Music: Kenny Rogers – Just Dropped In.

Kizer Insiders (Team Video): Intro | Chiaki Ito | Aaron Feinberg + Brandon Campbell | Josh Letona | Iain Mcleod | Omar Wysong | Albert Hooi | Fridolin Eelbo | Axel Dunnwald | Kizer Company Profile | Team and Friends | Extra Footage.

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  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Love Feinberg. Soul to disaster steezed out sweaty is simply ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    ye soul transfer sweat, you dont see to many of those today (or ever)

  • Joe

    Feinberg. There is something very laid back and humble in his skating, like he doesn’t play any of the sub culture (rock/hip hop) cards so none of that fake/gimmick self confidence or attitude. Yet you can see the fluid power and

  • Joe

    energy that goes into his skating, like he doesn’t save a tiny bit of himself. It’s all so perfect and naked. Real porn.

  • Anonymous

    Two hammers!! F*ck yeah!!

  • JukeBoxHero

    Aaron Feinberg…
    The one and only… best skater of all time!

  • mousley

    Last trick was my first asa contest I ever saw in real life. Pamona! In an IKEA parking lot lol

  • Prong

    Aaron Feinberg = Aggressive in-line skating

    Brandon Campbell = Alcoholism

  • frenchbigcitylifeandbeer

    two hammers
    my favorite rollerblading section since a long time
    back then

  • darek

    i miss old school brandon campbell/ feinberg/ perkett style shit
    people just don’t skate like that anymore
    things like distance and height are such old school parameters
    i can’t wait for scummy pussy obstacle shit to die so edits like this drop again

  • Halborn Simon

    As if they both quit and came back this hard!!! :D

    Ive been watching Aron for 8+ years, this is his best section yet!

    Brandon isnt too bad either, not as good as he used to be though really.

  • Veteran blader

    It would be so much better if they put some tighter jeans on. I dont know guys it just seems like the tricks look dumb because there jeans arent tight enoug. This edit is a pure example of how awesome skating would be if we still skated like this with tight jeans. I know all about this stuff ive been skatin for almost 5 years and skating street for 2 now. I sent my sponsor tape to razors last month, sent a pm message to Aragon on facebook about it and he said it was really cool and razors will sponsor me. I did a 540 unity cess slide real far to. Just saying i know alot and Im really good. Put some tighter jeans on and skate like these guys.