Aarin Gates: Skating Girl of the Day (Edit)

Aarin Gates

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  • RobF

    that was really really good. great way to end the week:

    yo rollernews dude:

    how sexist is the tag…”girls” hahaha

    good stuff! (the skater, not the tag….)

    I agree change the tag. she’s a skater, and good. let’s knock off the she’s the best girl I’ve ever seen, she’s good for a girl shit.

    god I love rollerblading.

  • Fred Castro

    hahahahaha just by your answer you rock girl!!! haha sick skating, keep up the good work!!! you are good at blading, period.



    ps: wanna merry me? kkk

  • sk8rs_s0uL

    girls are so important to our sport.. especially this one.. we need more of you soo are lonely skaters arent lonely anymoree…

  • http://www.fallonheffernan.com Fallon Heffernan

    Inspiring Aarin….thanks for pushing girls skating and skating in general. What a unique style and bag of tricks. You’re amazing.

  • mili

    great tricks and style! i wasnt expecting this from a girl! keep it up

  • rollerblading is gay

    fantastic, she isnt gay. good skating.

  • TylerHester

    That edit was soooo fucking gangster! Aarin is a straight up baller, like some Lupe Fiasco freshness and shit! Aarin’s gonna be coming up big this year i just know it so watch out other girl skaters because Aarin Gates is coming through and she will murder you, no joke. I love AG!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/Alonzho Alonzho

    Awesome!!! you totally ROCK GIRL!!!


  • jaren412

    I’d love to skate with you….in bed…dope edit though

  • joe atkinson
  • joe atkinson
  • joe atkinson
  • Digi

    First girl I ever saw who know how to skate, … and stylish.
    But still looking like a dude tho …

  • Michael Froemling

    you’re fucking awesome!

  • Tobias


    Finally some recognition! Aarin is so much better than all of these guys posting “good for a girl”, you know she’s better than you, just admit it! I already have!

    Go AG GO!!!

    ahem… DS-9!!!

  • jonasgibsonfromhouston

    damn that was sick, girl or guy edit.

  • pom

    a joy to watch, good skatin, great style ,variety of grinds. she made skating look good.

  • http://letsblade.wordpress.com alejoh

    damn girl! you made a lot commotion with this edit….that’s bonerific!

  • DazzB

    sick song, sick skating, sick style, and shes a she omg LOVE IT!!!!

  • 20zool

    Elle est frais

  • dizzy

    That was very impressive. Easily the best style I have seen from a girl. Last trick was sick! Keep it up!

  • blackbubblegum

    I love you!

  • Victor G.


    ‘she is a tiger girl’

  • risha

    yer sik skating, really gd style!

  • sheldon

    Sick edit. I enjoyed watching that. Keep it up.

  • becci

    holdin it down aarin

  • http://www.intuitionskate.com Anthony Luna

    Bomb Shit!!
    I know guys that can’t do some of those tricks.

  • Kristjan

    That was best so far i have seen for a gril. She is really good. Solid style and smooth skating. Keep it up i think you are the best female skater right now.

  • Wrekshop Ryan

    Ive never seen a girl do a negative trick before, especially nothing like that negative makio Aarin did on that ledge. Its time for all you girls out there to step your game up! There is no such thing as “good for a girl” now.

  • rollerblading is gay

    just to set the record straight…any girl that skates at all is awesome. its like some weird dream that other skaters have.

  • LilSkater

    Ughh this girl pisses me off..

    A. shes too good.
    B. she never stops talking about sdsf