Aarin Gates: Skating Girl of the Day (Edit)

Aarin Gates

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81 Responses to “Aarin Gates: Skating Girl of the Day (Edit)”

  1. hooi Says:

    that was sick!

  2. goomi Says:

    god damn, that was so tight. Definetly a best streetskating i have ever seen from a girl!

  3. pedro winter Says:

    gosh she looks like eddy lookback ayashi !!!

  4. im Says:

    damn shes really good. i was impressed

  5. general lee Says:

    is she a dude?

  6. Almants Says:

    sweeet :) enjoy it

  7. Maik Says:

    like what?…geeeeeeesus…i’m fuckin amazed…that was stylish hard and clean…never seen anything like that…bst streetskating and best style ever seen from a girl nowadays

  8. damien Says:

    man the world needs more girl skaters like this some really good tricks in that

  9. jaro Says:

    damn girl you rock….

  10. 4114N Says:

    Hell yeah, she can do it!

    and…Man! this new skinny pants generation looks REALLYYYY like her!!!! HA!

  11. satan Says:

    Good skating, but she needs to grow her hair ;-)

  12. Ths! Says:

    marry me please

  13. Rooms Says:

    Woaw that was sick !

  14. neddy Says:

    i think am in love!!!!!

  15. wow Says:

    the question isn’t “is she a boy?”, it’s “does she like boys?”.
    Know what? It don’t fuckin matter!

    This chick should get hooked up. Maybe even a pro skate. She is better than many of the people who have been bitching about the winterclash thing.

  16. DazC Says:

    really enjoyed that – good skating, keep it up

  17. sam davison Says:

    that was sick. but the fag that kept talking over her tricks need a slap in the chops!!!

  18. Joris Says:

    Bah dis donc, le style, le charme, le niveau !!
    Tout pour séduire !!

  19. Mike Says:


    At first i thought she looked like a guy skating but then i realised its actually the guys in our sport now that look like girls! Ha!

    She is soooooo good, great to see a girl street skating holding her own against guy skaters.

  20. Folken Says:

    Marry Me !

  21. rasmus Says:

    i like her skating

  22. juju-power Says:

    cool les filles s’habille en mec et les mec en filles vive le roller …

  23. K-rismatics Says:

    jeff stockwel’s wife
    or sita as you want.

  24. Grabietz Says:

    Im impressed

  25. Dylan B. Says:

    I have to agree with most of the other ppl here that was honestly the best street skating I’ve seen from a girl. She has more style than most guys I know who blade and her trick vocabulary is amazing too. Finally a girl who can truly skate. We need more girls like this in rollerblading for sure.

  26. xsjado-man Says:

    like what! that was sick.

  27. rol247 Says:

    puhthat would be the first girl ever whose skating ilike… but thats probably cause she hasnt that ass- centred style that all the girls have…
    but thats makes her look like a dude…
    might be a compliment, might be not…

  28. ADR Says:

    I would prefere not to make any comparisom to other guys blading but just seeing Farmer’s section yesterday and now her negative grind … what a fuck .
    good job for sure. determination and passion in her skating.

  29. Dago Dan Says:

    I don’t like it when my Juice wears tights!

  30. iicents Says:

    that was sick, i was seriously impressed.

    re some of previous comments; not sure if its so much a matter of her looking like a boy or those certain socal bladers looking like girls. i think they meet in the middle

    also agreeing with: “that was sick. but the fag that kept talking over her tricks need a slap in the chops!!!”

  31. gay Says:

    most guys look like this nowadays =D fags

  32. Andoryuu Says:

    How sick was that mizou on the curved rail?!
    Most girl skater are “good for a girl”, this girl is just good.
    Hammer time at the end too!

  33. df2T Says:

    Girl’s next level… BANG

  34. AndrewSmolak Says:

    I liked it

  35. mushroom Says:

    how sexist is the tag…”girls” hahaha

    good stuff! (the skater, not the tag….)

  36. Vegas Chris Says:

    right on aarin, keep up the shreddin. that shit got my juiced.

  37. shawn Says:

    skater girl of the day? more like the year…

  38. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Aarin, excellent skating. Really diggin your neg makio, would have loved to see it from the side. Hope your comming to BCSD 09 cuz i wanna skate with you!

  39. beardedMONK Says:

    Aarin you are sick!!

  40. donkeyKong Says:

    so good! super stylish, solid and she can toe roll, i think im in love………

  41. Seemok Says:

    songname pls

  42. adrien anne Says:


  43. p Says:


    The Young Knives – “Rollerskater”

  44. axel Says:

    Thats dope

  45. Rollo Says:

    I wanna inpregnant her

  46. stefgnaz Says:

    putain elle baise plein de gars en plus

  47. Silvstr Says:

    this one time i was haging out at ag’s house with fellow ds-9’ners, and we got bored and watched channel 591/592 (playboy) and critiqued the acting capabilities of the talent, needless to say Tyler and I became master wizards of beer staffs and still never have i ever cuddled with seth… the end


    p.s. AG rocks!!!

  48. 4114N Says:

    So…everybody wanna marry her…but I have a bigger size foot (i kwon what i mean ;) ) so… with this alots off skills…girl…just give me a call…

  49. rollerblading is gay Says:

    uhhh weird. i guess im the only one who’s thinking “pretty good for a girl.” definitely the best street skating girl i’ve ever seen though. the style is what puts you on top. i’ve seen other girls bang out those tricks.

    but seeing this kind of skating from a girl makes me think “she must be a lesbian” haha.

  50. AG Says:

    thanks for a ll the good comment guys!

    and to “rollerblading is gay” i just wanted to set you straight and let you know im not gay. k thx bye

  51. RobF Says:

    that was really really good. great way to end the week:

    yo rollernews dude:

    how sexist is the tag…”girls” hahaha

    good stuff! (the skater, not the tag….)

    I agree change the tag. she’s a skater, and good. let’s knock off the she’s the best girl I’ve ever seen, she’s good for a girl shit.

    god I love rollerblading.

  52. Fred Castro Says:

    hahahahaha just by your answer you rock girl!!! haha sick skating, keep up the good work!!! you are good at blading, period.



    ps: wanna merry me? kkk

  53. sk8rs_s0uL Says:

    girls are so important to our sport.. especially this one.. we need more of you soo are lonely skaters arent lonely anymoree…

  54. Fallon Heffernan Says:

    Inspiring Aarin….thanks for pushing girls skating and skating in general. What a unique style and bag of tricks. You’re amazing.

  55. mili Says:

    great tricks and style! i wasnt expecting this from a girl! keep it up

  56. rollerblading is gay Says:

    fantastic, she isnt gay. good skating.

  57. TylerHester Says:

    That edit was soooo fucking gangster! Aarin is a straight up baller, like some Lupe Fiasco freshness and shit! Aarin’s gonna be coming up big this year i just know it so watch out other girl skaters because Aarin Gates is coming through and she will murder you, no joke. I love AG!

  58. Alonzho Says:

    Awesome!!! you totally ROCK GIRL!!!


  59. jaren412 Says:

    I’d love to skate with you….in bed…dope edit though

  60. joe atkinson Says:


  61. joe atkinson Says:


  62. joe atkinson Says:


  63. Digi Says:

    First girl I ever saw who know how to skate, … and stylish.
    But still looking like a dude tho …

  64. Michael Froemling Says:

    you’re fucking awesome!

  65. Tobias Says:


    Finally some recognition! Aarin is so much better than all of these guys posting “good for a girl”, you know she’s better than you, just admit it! I already have!

    Go AG GO!!!

    ahem… DS-9!!!

  66. jonasgibsonfromhouston Says:

    damn that was sick, girl or guy edit.

  67. pom Says:

    a joy to watch, good skatin, great style ,variety of grinds. she made skating look good.

  68. alejoh Says:

    damn girl! you made a lot commotion with this edit….that’s bonerific!

  69. DazzB Says:

    sick song, sick skating, sick style, and shes a she omg LOVE IT!!!!

  70. 20zool Says:

    Elle est frais

  71. dizzy Says:

    That was very impressive. Easily the best style I have seen from a girl. Last trick was sick! Keep it up!

  72. blackbubblegum Says:

    I love you!

  73. Victor G. Says:


    ‘she is a tiger girl’

  74. risha Says:

    yer sik skating, really gd style!

  75. sheldon Says:

    Sick edit. I enjoyed watching that. Keep it up.

  76. becci Says:

    holdin it down aarin

  77. Anthony Luna Says:

    Bomb Shit!!
    I know guys that can’t do some of those tricks.

  78. Kristjan Says:

    That was best so far i have seen for a gril. She is really good. Solid style and smooth skating. Keep it up i think you are the best female skater right now.

  79. Wrekshop Ryan Says:

    Ive never seen a girl do a negative trick before, especially nothing like that negative makio Aarin did on that ledge. Its time for all you girls out there to step your game up! There is no such thing as “good for a girl” now.

  80. rollerblading is gay Says:

    just to set the record straight…any girl that skates at all is awesome. its like some weird dream that other skaters have.

  81. LilSkater Says:

    Ughh this girl pisses me off..

    A. shes too good.
    B. she never stops talking about sdsf