A day in Long Beach, by Vinny Minton (2010)

May 2010 + february 2012 Repost.

A day in Long Beach, by Vinny Minton

Featuring Vinny Minton, Victor Arias, Brandon Smith, Jeremy Soderburg, Erick Rodriguez and more.

A day in Long Beach, by Vinny Minton

Cam A: Vinny Minton, Cam B: Victor Arias. Shot on a Canon 5d/7d, Glidecam 2000hd.
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76 Responses to “A day in Long Beach, by Vinny Minton (2010)”

  1. Krans Says:

    Hail to the Imperial king, baby!

  2. Russ Says:

    that was one hyphy ass edit I love shot of the Audi R8

  3. Beaver Says:

    Magnifique !
    Il a eu dla chatte le dernier !

  4. RJ Says:

    my yaws droped AAAAAAAAAA….really really really GREAT EDIT!!! loved every minute of it!!!! REAL + TRUE bl8!!!!
    KEEP IT UP!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    that guy almost died!

  6. Juan Mosqueda Says:

    awesome!!! on all levels AMAZING!!!

  7. tyeg Says:

    FUCKING SUPERB!!! MAKE A SKATE VID ALREADY VINNY, your filming and editing skills are on point

  8. Mr. Happy Tree Says:

    Vinny- keep up the great work man! Your recent edits are some of hottest shit in the industry!

  9. andreas542 Says:

    First trick was FIRE! Sick edit!

  10. pstewart Says:

    good ass edit, and those curved ledges are perfect

  11. millet Says:

    Vinny is my current favorite filmer/editor by far.

  12. Hugo Says:

    Amazing edit… Loved it… Just one though, I think that if you are doing a rail next to a street you have to have somebody to stop you…

    The guy at the end could be ended really injured if not killed…

    PS: Sorry my english is not quite good…

  13. bballog Says:

    That was fucking sick. Great job Vinny, and to all the skaters.

  14. josh Says:

    when the fuck are you idiots (meaning the pros in this edit) gunna learn? was billy not a good enough example? you dont even time that shit or even look out for cars… and if traffic was unavoidable, where was the guys catcher?

    it sure is gunna suck when you guys have to film your friend getting ran over front to back by a truck one day

  15. vermontroller Says:

    wow, i have never seen filming and editing like that. so crisp and vibrant! great edit. someone needs to keep watch when skating near a busy street like that, hahaha!

  16. steve Says:

    Sick edit but americans are actually idiots, cars will kill you.

  17. FLeM Says:

    So siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick !!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it !!!

  18. Baas Says:


  19. Baas Says:

    Haha ”No right turn”
    Now I understand it..
    (last clip)

  20. VM Says:

    the dude at the end just went on his own, and didn’t tell anyone.. as you can tell there are two shots cut together the one when he damn near gets hit by the car I barely caught that on camera…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    nang edit man keep it up

  22. Alex Says:

    Hanson + Minton = best cinematographers in rollerblading today.

  23. nodiddity Says:

    damn that shit was fire witch out for ur boy p-nut the guy who almost got hit by the car that nigga be killing …
    dope ass edit vinny …

  24. gregory preston Says:

    Alex you are absolutly correct

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Ace I’m going for sesh !!!

  26. Romero Says:


    Sick skating,
    Sick Music,
    Sick Editing,
    Sick Filming!

    one of the best edits i ever saw ;)
    keep up the good work guys!

  27. silvestre Says:

    Steve Says:
    May 14th, 2010 at 5:34 pm
    Sick edit but americans are actually idiots, cars will kill you.

    lol, come to think of it only american skaters have clips of them getting hit/or almost getting hit by cars

    americans < cars

  28. hoax34 Says:

    Vinny’s edits are like his skating. Smooth as fuck!

  29. niceguyxvinny Says:

    that day was so dope

  30. DarthRoller Says:

    Sick edit.

    Last trick-since day fucking one we’ve known to have a blockade of rollers ready to catch someone headin’ towards a road. How can anyone who’s been rolling for years not think of that? Sure, you might see a gap in traffic and think “yeah, you’re sweet now” but where’s the harm in double checking? They’re your fucking mates like, don’t want to see them getting scrubbed!

    Rant over, filming and angles were all sick. As were a lot of the tricks.

  31. Kartal Says:


    AWESOME, i really relaly liked it!!!!

  32. pat leal Says:

    love the way this was shot. good stuff as always Vinny!

  33. E. Rodriguez Says:

    Vinny Minton & Imperial Productions are gonna take Rollerblading to the top..

  34. chris M Says:

    @ steve, fuck you, you biased idiot. edit was fucking amazing, soul to allyoop topside porn was amazing

  35. Victor Vizcaino Says:

    Amazing! They way Vinny is editing as of late is the best and most proffesional editing in rollerblading

  36. Notorious Tom Says:

    Best edit production I have ever seen.

    I hope they use those rolling shots and creative transitions in Valo 4 life!

  37. spj Says:

    what kind of assholes are these people blading with these days that won’t either A. look out for car or B. be in a ready stance to catch them if they go into the streets. Let’s learn from Fish’s accident and start using our heads.

  38. Spike Says:

    Heavy on every level! anyone what to tell me what the track was? Got me so juiced!

  39. americonz Says:

    that edit was simply amazing. loved the lines and the filming

  40. dawn Says:

    sooo sick! keep it up Vinny!!!

  41. 2010 Says:

    Bravo Vinny!!!!!

  42. evo cunt Says:

    cant belev he misst him hope he get it next time

  43. nzroller Says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooo goood

  44. Djo Says:

    Sick sick sick keep up the good work bro!!!!!!!!!

  45. almog Says:

    was that Vinny skating razors?

  46. 12423423324 Says:

    new hyphy nowwww

  47. 12423423324 Says:

    all you faggots screaming look out are fucking retarded

  48. A-Styles Says:

    Imperial…All Days….Every Days…Even My Birthday Nikka…

  49. BnB Says:

    Freshest shit on the net!! Aye vinny what was the song you used in the edit??
    And i have to hella agree with Alex. Minton and Hanson are by far the best cinematographers in the rolling industry!

  50. HAHA Says:

    That’s a fucking edit.

  51. eric schaefer Says:

    wish it was longer… couldnt get enough. hope to see some more edits from you guys with the same type of concept. loved it.

  52. yadada Says:

    All ima say is that production has stepped it up a fuggin notch, nah mean? Mad props to imperial (is it vinny and ivan)? aside from the high quality equipment, I like yer steeze. At first, I thought the choreographed idea was questionable but then I realized that its got its own uniqueness which I can def appreciate. Im from the old school so I trip when I see where things are headed. I dont give a crap what the next man has to say about blading. Where it was/is/will be is neverending and much of that (i think) has to do with the way that the industry has handled itself and also the reliance on design. Keep pumping out quality shit ma nigs. PEACE.

  53. celow Says:

    My god
    this is the most perfect edition i ever seen
    quality and the most expressive skater

    good work

    roll ever

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Very good montage! Awesome!!

  55. pom Says:

    a pleasure to watch.


  56. Tom Says:

    good edit good music good skaters :) perfect!

  57. loleQ Says:

    SICK !

    Song name pls ?

  58. Hyper Mike Says:

    I check out skate vids all the time, I enjoyed this one!

  59. chitownrolla Says:

    VM owns rollerblading filming/editing. brazillionaires killin it too. i love how rollerblading is being represented these days. keep it up yall.

  60. jimmy Says:

    great edit! great skating! and it’s Saturday today, can life get any better?

  61. mothraw Says:

    look out!

    anthony gallegos !!!! all day

  62. jksd Says:

    gotta love ranier and rachard!! sick!! extreme filming 100x next level shit right here.

  63. Anonymous Says:


  64. song Says:

    whats the name of the song please?!

  65. talent310 Says:

    name of the kid doing the last trick in the edit? he looks like one of my buddies.

  66. gregory preston Says:

    His name is anthony “peanut” armstrong

  67. BARACK OBAMA Says:


  68. kmcgloughlin Says:

    too good,

  69. rollerblading is gay Says:

    ^barack cant read. shits old already. but i believe is said to be planning a video to release this year. i hope its true

  70. fruitbooter Says:

    Crazy shit! that’s sick as hell!!

  71. don Says:

    supa dupa sick well done vinny

  72. Anonymous Says:

    minton must be cursed with car+bladers hahahaha. nice edit though

  73. Vj423 Says:

    Anthony Armstrong is beast as fuckkkkk, and Vinny’s edits are perfection just like dude’s style on street

  74. Anonymous Says:

    It was all sick, but I’m a loving Victor’s style. Best, keep it up Vinny M.!

  75. Erod is a Joke Says:

    Erick Rodriguez is the biggest joke in rollerblading/everyone in the world’s history. He is such a pathetic piece of shit. He is a good filmer, but as we can see here, he is no where near the best (Vinny and Brazil). His true talent lies in editing, but he chooses to film the most idiotic gangster people and to be unprofessional and WAYYY over-charge. His last 10 dollar franky edit wasn’t even very good. Franky is obviously good, but the edit was weak and didn’t constitute for the large charge.

    Arrogant as fuck and as we see here, his skating style is weak, he sucks, and his switchups are grommet status! You are living a dead-end joke of a life with a ginormous ego Erod. Just give up on life.

    Plus Coco says he always tries to cheat on his girlfriend with her and all kinds of girls (hollering at Fallen, Franky’s GF Skittles, Coco herself, and random girls). He never succeeds, is a pothead piece of shit, a convicted felon, living in the past, and he has had a girlfriend for 10 years that he tries to cheat on.


  76. Urbn^nja Says:

    That was SICK as hell!! Loved it!!