A day in London with Dominic Bruce (15): Short Edit

A day in London with Dominic Bruce

15 year old Dominic Bruce came down from Scotland to blade London for a day. The kids got some skills!

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  • Mister Hater

    Little homosexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mister Hater

    “A day” – im a cock sucker if he doesnt worked on this edit for weeks…
    look, sometimes he wear a pinky faggot shirt and sometimes white shirt

  • D

    He took the shirt off dummy.

  • keep it real.

    nice edit mate, some impressive tricks on well known spots. stary true, bless

  • landanana

    dom did this in one day. Your a fucking cock sucker

  • fnbrg

    Great kid!
    There are no spots in London(((

  • Pants

    If they start wanting to look like ssm skaters and tapping curbs at 15, we’re in trouble…

  • Travis Stewart

    Hipster Blading. Its begun.

  • Anonymous

    That’s how you make rollerblading look gay, horrid style, even when just rolling up to a trick, quick and hectic switch ups. Just shit and gay looking

  • seanpquinn



  • Anonymous

    thank you based god for fucking my bitch

  • Anonymous

    way better than the american wake shepman, and dominic is younger

  • Rewind

    great personality and style. kid is one to watch for sure

  • iadam!

    Really enjoyed it. A lot of style and control

  • Yoyo

    Haters are gay!

  • kim

    good style keep blading!

  • Anonymous

    that was fucking great!!!!
    loved the music editing intro tricks style everything. good one guys!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why but he reminds me of a young pat Lennon. I dug it…forget these haters….your having fun

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic DJ WREKSHOP

    ^ Homosexual, gay, horrid style?? Really???

    The kid is 15, having fun and is probably still better than these people hating.
    Keep it up Dominic!

  • Name Not Required

    Kid got skills the filmer dont.

  • Travis Rhodes

    Hell Yeah! That was sick

  • Anonymous

    best inline skater for his age

  • 2R

    Don’t get why people think skating in a sketchy way on average tricks is good?

    this kid needs to climb off the hatian mag / strange creatures bandwagon. dude’s such a wanabe.

  • Anonymous

    2R i hope u have cancer

  • Kev

    I think that the style was pretty refined for a 15 yr old. Top marks all round!!

  • Quinn

    great blading, kids got style. filming and editing sucked, get off this hipster flex unless your Malc…

  • trinidadjame$

    popped a molly i’m sweating

  • Ben Shelbourne

    Dom hit me up next time you want something filmed and I will do it properly and not on Windows Movie Maker – http://www.facebook.com/ben.shelbourne.9