4×4 Leading the Blind by Pat Lennen & Jan Welch: Intro + Chris Haffey Section

4x4 - Leading The Blind

Leading the Blind, the first 4×4 Team Video by Pat Lennen & Jan Welch.


Chris Haffey

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  • rep

    Leading the blind to Awesomeness!!

  • felix

    ha ha ha…woodward trip…perfect! and please go back and show us the next “training” session!

  • felix

    leading the blind alltime favourite with epic stunts…

  • Anonymous

    how can one human be so talented in that many kinds of sports? rollerblading skiing basketball and many more i guess
    haffey is the man!

  • Mr.Salomon

    Someone should make this movie on blu ray!

  • Anonymous

    Haffey is THE man !

  • http://beeg.com Hungry

    Hey YOu HaFfeey persan – i bet you can’t do thOse iddi- pitdy tricks, whIle havLing ya sKatErs on!!!!

    (… the final quest)

  • http://cargocollective.com/groove Marcus

    Fucking monster, best of his generation

  • seanpquinn


  • Anonymous

    haffey is a fucking beast!

    have my babies haffey!! have MY BABIES!~!!!

    no homo

  • Ian C UK

    That Haffey Hurricane topsoul in the intro is the most ridiculous trick I’ve ever seen. That rail is nipple high! A Top soul on it’s own is a banger on that kink.

  • J


  • The Night Strangler

    He really is the Michael Jordan of Hollerblading, what with the hoop skills and all.

  • on the real YOU HOMO’S

    okay okay… SOMEONE show me a BETTER section than HAFFEY’S
    i gotta say his section in this is the best i ever saw..
    EVER……….EVER lmao fags..

    open for a challenge

  • Mah nigga

    WTFFFFFF!!! HAFFEY IS RIDICULOUS!!! those shots were too fucking BOSS!!! how the hell does he know where to bank em like that.