30 Minutes with Rosie O’Donoghue

30 Minutes with Rosie Odonoghue

Rosie O’Donoghue, 30 Minutes at the EK skatepark, Scotland. Full profile coming in the new year.

Photo: Slammjamm.com.

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  • notanigggggger

    Cute girl. More of the girl, less of your ads. Shitty way to plug your shitty skate.

  • Luva Man

    Nice blading, nice ass, will wuck birdskin later.

  • meeeeh

    thats no way to do the dishes

  • http://westcoastclash.com Rudy

    Sick edit rosie ! can’t wait for the full version ! :D

  • Dawn

    nice! this girl is a shredder for sure

  • Anonymous

    lol butch girl why cant cute girls skate?

  • Anonymous

    I liked the Brazilian girl better. Plus the brazilian girl was hot and had a nice brazilian ass

  • butt head

    what? … no tits…uhhhhhh… ok

  • vitriol

    Maaaaad style!!
    Always a pleasure to watch, can’t wait for the full pfile.

  • Abi

    Next time any guy posts up an edit all im going to comment on his muscles and sexy ass…..

    Sick edit Rosie!

  • Jack

    this girl is a sick rollerblader.. i want to meet her!!! come to norfolk fo a sesh hunni !!!

  • understood

    um, did she just turn into a he?? Razors sux…

  • The Truth

    Glad her skating only lasted 30 seconds, premature ejaculation comes in handy every now and then.

  • heheh

    its times like these that i love the rollerblading community ^^