2nd Regime: Sell Your Soul 2 Roll (2002, Full Video)

Second Regime is proud to present the redefining of words of style and creativity. We have digitally captured and mastered some of best rolling around. You will witness the rolling wrath of Louie Zamora, Randy Spizer, Josh Petty, Dustin Halleran, Dre Powell, Dominic Sagona, Vinny Minton, and introducing Iain Mcleod. 2010 Repost.

2nd Regime: Sell Your Soul 2 Roll

This video is a platform for our skaters to present their individual skating style. Each skater will reveal the reason they sold their soul 2ROLL. 2R proudly presents the most anticipated release of the year and your ticket to view the next level of street skating.


  • Intro: Blue Sonix – Devil Inside.
  • Dustin Halleran: Prodigy – Keep It Through.
  • Dominic Sagona: Adam F ft. M.O.P – Stand Clear.
  • Vinny Minton: Ghostface Killah – Mighty Deadly.
  • Randy Spizer: J Treds and Louis Logic – The Priciple.
  • Louie Zamora: Stretch – Why Did You Do It.
  • Iain Mcleod: Defari – Focused Daily.
  • Dre Powell: So What Records ft. AGAO Chez B.A. and Garo – On the Grind.
  • Josh Petty: LMNO – Grin and Bear It.
  • Friends: Dilated Peoples – Worst Comes to Worst.
  • Credits: Talent – Gone.

Soundtrack courtesy of Rollingvideos | Vimeo Mirror.

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  • Fred Castro

    Immortal times, Immortal skaters…

  • Jay

    Yes! This was one of my top favorite videos when it came out. I know its buried somewhere in my closet along with a bunch of issues of Box and Daily Bread. Thank you so much to whoever put it online.

  • fernando

    fuckkkkk yeaaaa thanx 4 the aport

  • Baas

    Love the Old Skool Movies..!!
    Didn’t know the Dre Powell profile yet, It’s a shame haha

  • Hirby

    Dominic Sagona , Dre Powell , Vinny Minton ! best Styles i love it … this is skating !

  • silvestre

    so much good shit, but randy at 34:15 soul to drop fishbrain…. wtf so sick… totally forgot about that

  • Right

    Sagona is the shit, and still is, love the section.

  • Darkhorse

    i loved this video, it was one of the best i have bought, i lost count how many times a watched, the dominic sagona and ian mcleod sections.

  • Alex

    Zamora and Spizer had great section, I used to admire Sagona’s style but to be honest I don’t think it was that great. He had some tricks, yes, but it wasn’t that amazing.

  • Shifty

    one of my fav video. reminds me the old days…

  • Danny C.

    I remembering buying this video and being so pissed off that Josh Petty was cut short due to an injury. Still an awesome video!

  • http://Meatspin Barry the fidler!

    This is what skating is about, none of this skinny jeans (apple grabbers) and rock music SHIT! I miss these days!

  • darin

    Brings back so many memories

  • hollarolla

    one of the sickest videos of all time, ians style is so awesome

  • Nigel Thornberry

    Hell yeah, one of the first videos I ever bought and saw. Amazing skating!

  • felix

    still so amazing!

    glad that loui puts his skates on again! randy roadhouse, hero! ha ha I still own his colored senate grindwheels.
    iain and vinny with some future stuff back then!

  • rollerblading is gay

    petty was on his way out anyway.

    i thought the clothes his wore and stuff were funny even in that time

  • ja krol swiata

    the best video ever hands down

  • http://myspace.com/oflodaster openshell

    any one knows the dreprofile song?


  • T.F

    the best years of rollerblading thx for the video!