285 Edits by David Sizemore

285 Edits by David Sizemore

Carson Starnes

Two – 1sm. Featuring Cody Porche, Walt Austin, David Sizemore, Julian Bah, Chris Smith, Daniel Henderson, Brian Kriebel, Michael Braud & more.

Two – 3sm. Featuring Walt Austin, Chris Smith, Jamie Olmstead, David Sizemore, Carson Starnes, Matt Jones, Brian Starnes, Daniel Henderson, Brian Kriebel, Matt Jones, Julian Bah & more.

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  • Anonymous

    some spots look like americas a fucking 3rd wold country… uhm, well. good skating, nevertheless

  • Anonymous

    * world

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  • Anonymous

    ATL doin it big!

  • Anonymous

    I like these crazy spots and every city has ugly areas

  • Dog The shit fucker

    That was fucking crazy and steezy as fuck. The only bad thing about this is how much i am going to kill it by watching it over and over again…

  • Anonymous

    Great set of edits. Loved the music, all the tricks and spots were interesting and they had just the right amount of extra touches.

    You defintely have the eye for editing David, I know it would probably mean there’d be less skating from you but I’d like to see you make a 10-15 minute edit. Even more if you can!

  • Anonymous

    Is Sizemore the best in the world now? Bolino is overrated. Haffey and Aragon getting old. Is it David or Sizemore or Cudot?

  • lol

    CJ Wellsmore is best. No one who rides Rollerblade will ever be best in world…cause they are Rollerblade.

  • Anonymous

    jbah is best blader onthe world dont be dumb

  • Dustin Spengler

    fuck yeah guys! you dude merked! you saw my clip too? comin up in the game hard.

    on yeah and at “lol”


  • Dustin Spengler



  • Anonymous

    cudot is a smelly poop. RB is fine. they just dont focus 100% on the aggressive side of things like you wish they would for some reason? david is easily one of the best. and it is true. all the people we grew up looling up to are getting old and over ratted. still amazing bladers and have done amazing things for blading, but david is the futures idol. as well as many others.

  • Pitbull Style

    Dirty Atl representing right here! miss you guys!

  • Anonymous

    Sizemore just released his fairwell Rollerblade edit… kore maybe?

  • Alex Rudolf

    WOW!!! loved it! More more more pls!

  • jimmy

    Damn them Southern Bladers Kill! have always been killing. Have amazing style . Sizemore has some good editing skills as well! Props to the man! oh yeah WALT AUSTIN!





  • Jason

    that was great…nice one.