285 (Atlanta, Georgia) Edits by David Sizemore

Walt Austin & Michael Braud
Up: Walt Austin & Michael Braud.

July 20th, 2012

Featuring David Sizemore, Carson Starnes, Julian Bah, Brian Starnes, Michael Braud, Troy Sanders, Jamie Olmstead, Walt Austin, Adam Ehalt & more.

July 13th 2012

Featuring Andrew Nemiroski, Adam Ehalt, Chris Smith, London Jordan, Dustin Spengler, David Sizemore, Carson Starnes, Walt Austin, Mark Wojda, Julian Bah, Sam Moore, Kevin Dowling & more.

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13 Responses to “285 (Atlanta, Georgia) Edits by David Sizemore”

  1. Dan-Man Says:



  2. David Sizemore Says:

    There is a full website


  3. cunt scrape Says:

    fuck yeah walt austin!

  4. haterz Says:

    glad to see some fresh footy of walt austin!

  5. Real Says:

    that sucks…

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  6. Danielson Says:

    I absolutely love creative skating like this!!! This is what I think the future of rolling should be…. Not spin to win, Not tiny toe tap on curbs, Not burly stunts with no style…. I think this is the perfect mix of style& amplitude…. I still appreciate the “go big or go home” style of Haffey & Aragon (and how Shima & Broskow used to be)… But I think this edit is the best direction for the sport in general…. The best way to show our skills to the masses that don’t understand rolling.

  7. Danielson Says:

    And btw….. Sometimes I get a little jealous of the amount of skill people have, when they do tricks I know I can never land….. But more so, I get super jealous when I see some of the spots they get to skate. I wish my area had anything close to these creative places…. Sometimes I fantasize, and even dream about how I would attack some of these awesome spots that Ive only seen on a tv or computer screen. Lucky bastards

  8. thank you Says:

    dear david sizemore,

    this was amazing and quite a refreshment from the dslr bullsh*t… thank you for this!!!! more!!!

  9. seanpquinn Says:


  10. tillet Says:

    sizemore – backslide > blindside bs backslide > 450 out.

  11. epic Says:

    omg walt fuckin austin!!! good music,good skating, good vibes

  12. Clemounet Says:

    Nico ? Nico Auroux ?!

  13. 67 Says:

    Nico Auroux????