1998: Bercy (Paris, FR): Indoor Street + Vert Contest

1998 Bercy (Paris, FR) Indoor Street Vert Contest

There was a time when rollerblading was so popular in France that some events were broadcast live on prime-time television.

Many young skaters have not had the chance to know this wonderful time. But fortunately for them, some had the foresight to record this event, and thanks to the technology of the 21st century, I am honored to share with you this small part of our history, because it is important to know from where you come from. Enjoy.

1998 Bercy (Paris, FR) Indoor Street Vert Contest

Video Offline.

1998 Bercy (Paris, FR) Indoor Street Vert Contest
Thanks La Guignr.

Featuring Wilfried Rossignol, Aaron Feinberg, Richard Taylor (RIP), Bruno Loewe, Jon Bergeron, Taig khris, Sven Boekhorst, Eito Yasutoko and more!

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42 Responses to “1998: Bercy (Paris, FR): Indoor Street + Vert Contest”

  1. Pedro Muniz Says:

    It’s so OLD.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    take this stupid shit outa here

  3. CK Says:

    How fucking good was Aaron back then. The cameras couldn’t even keep up.

    Great to see this footage of Rich.

  4. Tony Says:

    I was there … So goooOOOOood to see that again .

  5. RiversideRat Says:

    Takes me back to my RB Dirk days lol.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i was there too …souvenir souvenir ! :)

  7. Notorious Tom Says:

    Why couldn’t people skate back then?

    I’m not talking about tricks, just on the flat floor getting speed, they all look different for some reason…

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Feinberg is defo skating there!

  9. Yup Says:

    Yeah its weird the average skater today has better balance than even the pros back then. Must be the way the skates were (not as good).

  10. Krokodil Says:

    Bearing and wheals, that is why they are slow :D

  11. Anonymous Says:

    those were the days, damn.

  12. idc Says:

    yes the best times now it tap makio and spandex

  13. Anonymous Says:

    it’s old but it was the best period of rollerblading!!!

  14. Angel Jaime Says:

    Fuck sake! Ive got this contest recorded on VHS!! It was in eurosport

  15. RiversideRat Says:

    Lol, it’s funny to see someone riding on bauers aggressive skates, damn those things were ugly lol.

  16. Q Says:

    the good ole days I remember watching ASA and NISS events on ESPN at like 3am every sat morn

  17. christopher morris Says:

    this is sheer gold, a history lesson to all the younger skaters. easily a highlight of my week seeing footage of richard, thank you very much my friend. british rollerblading’s true icon/ambassador, and a great friend to the many who met him.

    and the rest of the skaters killed it, bookmarked for future reference/evidence!!

  18. SoUl SkAtEr Says:

    I would have won this if i could travel back in time. lol

  19. PascalMR Says:

    Wow, so much fun looking at this haha!

    There’s this guy saying at some part “Alright now I’ll do a alley-oop top mizou” hahaha epic.

  20. Razor skates belong in Toys R' Us Says:

    People skated odd because the skate we used werent meant for this sport. We customized recreation skates. Now you get it fresh out the box it makes me sick.

  21. Yup Says:

    Yeah the grind also are noticeable, in old skool they stick down rails or do like 50 budget switches at almost no speed. But they didn’t have the nice big smooth compounds of today.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    the people running rollerblading back then knew how to promote the sport and make it big.

    the people running rollerblading today are a bunch of douchebags killing the sport and making it look gay.

  23. David McNamara Says:

    @ Razor skates belong in Toys R Us.

    What are you talking about?

    All of the skates in that contest were purpose-made street skates.

    None of them were for recreation.

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

  24. laf Says:

    remember it like it was yesterday…

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah its weird the average skater today has better balance than even the pros back then. Must be the way the skates were (not as good).

    i want to see you skate a 60 second run in that same park.

    you’re a retard

  26. Yup Says:

    I wasn’t saying the skating was bad I was merely making a reference to the fact that the skates were inferior design in comparison to contemporary models. If I had been referring to your lack of neurons and apparent manner of idiocy I could have had a field day YAH DUMBFUCK!

  27. Doug Says:

    Three major things are in factor: equipment, amount of time it took to be pro then(6 + yrs) now(12+ years), and the progression skating was at.

    It’s easy for younger kids to blade better quicker nowadays because they have way better skates, have to skate many years before they get even considered good, and they get to imitate skating from 2010 and prior versus kids then used to imitate skating from 2000 prior.

  28. Doug Says:

    Kids today have way more knowledge and more refined skater to imitate who actually have been blading for sometimes decades. Which helps the youth learn things like proper skating.

    Shit, in the year 2000 you could be a pro after only blading for 5 years, or even just 3 years. That was because blading wasn’t as technical and advanced so “basic” maneuvers nowadays were considered “ground breaking” then. Turning Pro after skating for 5 years would NEVER fly nowadays.

  29. TICK Says:

    “the people running rollerblading back then knew how to promote the sport and make it big.

    the people running rollerblading today are a bunch of douchebags killing the sport and making it look gay.”


  30. SoUl SkAtEr Says:

    I like blading being underground.

  31. CORRECT! Says:

    How about the angle on those wall rides? God damn.

  32. Laguigne Says:

    Don’t forget one thing : all of them were pretty young at that time, Aaron , Bruno, Wilfried, Sven,… were all under 18.
    I don’t think there are so many young skaters nowadays that are able to skate like they did.

  33. felix Says:

    they were so young, look at the little tobias bucher, he was like 13 and doing clean flatspins, mc twists, grinds and fakie 900 in the big pipe! Don’t think any of the kids today can do that at this ager.
    Not to talk about Eito Yasutoko…
    I liked all the flatspins over the spine in street and it was very hard to do a 60 sec run with flow in such a shitty park! It was not one trick and go like today…

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Alexis Ecija did the best run, (at second run), he must had win

  35. Murdaaa Says:

    you guys bitching should just quit rollerblading then you fucking nutsack ticklers

  36. jim Says:

    I’m glad someone takes the time to put this kind of stuff up Online.

    Today what we need are people in the sport making it look RAD. Not a bunch of dudes dressing metrosexual. Shit looks wack, dogg.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Turning Pro after skating for 5 years would NEVER fly nowadays.

    Don’t forget MONTRE! He went pro after 6 years, and really could have gone pro sooner.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    wilfried made an alley oop fish on the rail with old fila skates.
    Thats crazy width a soul plate this size :
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

  39. dyed red deshis Says:

    Bottom line frames, wheels, bearings, paddings and skates make a difference. those skates weren’t rec. I knew a few americans there and they wore their signature skates. Also notice that for the razor team the Murda skates weren’t out yet. Plus the tricks were pretty much straight forward. no real spin to grind. they had switch ups but it was the beginning of the haffey, Murda, Rachard era

  40. laf Says:

    ha that lad who sits in on the ramp, trys to get to the other side and the guy trys to stamp on his hand, i lol’d…

  41. Rob Says:

    Are some rollerbladers actually that retarded to ask why skaters rolled different back then? Or say if i was to go back in time I’d win that? Jesus I’m actually ashamed to call myself a Rollerblader because of some of the fucking idiots that are on this site. And put on a pair of UpSideDowns or Bauers and see if you could roll like that. Faggits.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    it`s all part of the history and will all be part of the evolution…