15 Minutes with Dave Lang (NYC)

dave lang

New York City is currently a fucking oven. We took 15 minutes to get some clips and put together a little something before our blood boiled. Enjoy.

Edit by: Amraj Lalli.
Location: Pier 25 Skate Park (New York City).

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10 Responses to “15 Minutes with Dave Lang (NYC)”

  1. Magic Made It Says:

    Dave Lang is a beast! Don’t sleep on this one, get yourself some Remz and BE LIKE DAVE!

  2. glp Says:

    i want more..should be2 days with dave lang. awesome style n skill. dave lang for pro?? anyone??

  3. Sick Says:

    So dope, Dave Lang is better than you!

  4. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Hell yeah, loving this guy’s skating!

    NYC an oven??? Its a good thing ya’ll don’t live in TX.
    Your blood probably would have boiled 10 times over by now. haha

  5. Shane Says:

    Dave kills it hard! Cant wait for more!

  6. fil Says:

    sick edit. deff not hotter than where i live tho. 118 in the summers with 100% humidity and we still skate all day

  7. Anonymous Says:

    for sure, east coast is a bitch with humidity, even worse in southeast, NC is nothing but swamp ass for miles right now

  8. Nicol L Says:

    Shit was sick. What time was this filmed cuz that park is normally packed! And “fil”, what desert do you live in?

  9. Mr Inline Ian Francis Says:

    Yeah Dope…………………………..

  10. ben shelbourne Says:

    sorta a ‘dog town and the z’boys’ feel to it.