10th Annual Hoedown (2006) : Results, Edit & Photos

hoedown 2006

The 10th Annual Hoedown took place on the 20-22th October 2006 at the Eisenbergs Skatepark.

Results :

1. Brian Aragon
2. Ryan Arnold
3. Erik Bailey
4. Soichiro Kanashima
5. Chaz Sands

Valo posted a video edit of the competition featuring skating from Erik Bailey and Soichiro Kanashima. (Direct Link to the video : Quicktime mov, 4 mb).

Check a photo gallery of the event here.

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  • henrikk

    damn! i knew erik bailey’s skating was amazing but that soichiro dude blew me away! sick!!

  • bizzzzile

    OH MY GOD…..that chinese dude is fucking amazing…oh yeah and eric bailey is pretty good to I GUESS…lol jk he owns

  • qcsky

    he is not chinese.
    he is JAPANESE

  • qcsky

    he beat haffey at asia x-game

  • Paul ‘Highroller4122’

    australia REP.

  • ngh

    jesus, i want to see what aragon did

  • Lee

    no one cares if he beat haffey, you know that haffey is the best skater of the world! but that doesn´t mean that soichiro isn´t one amazing skater,he is fucking sick!

  • :)

    soichiro is sick..eric bailey is sick, but i think his tricks are all sketchy.

  • jordansmith

    valo needs to support their rider andrew jacuzzi more because hes the sickest……hoedown went offf……..im tired

  • joshua roddy

    ryan arnold

    remember that name, he killed it!!!!!!

  • Mark T

    Dude what did Brian Aragon do and Ryan arnald do to beat erick baily and that asiain guy they fucking kiled shit !!!!

  • SEb.

    its spelt Rian Arnold.

  • http://myspace.com/kels_ho Kelso

    Andrew Jacuzzi everyone, remember the name. Next year he is taking it.

  • Johnny5

    soooooo fucking sick that was amazing

  • iLLdWes

    yea whats a erik bailey edit with out a sweaty…hehe, great skating but i wanna see the other skaters too!! any one have that??

  • p2roll4life

    wow! but aragon did more crazier shit!!!!!!!

  • p2roll4life

    erik stop doin sweatstance! did trick is played out already!

  • http://rollernews mike t = rando

    If Bailey was a trick… he is the sweatstance… his style is as interesting and different as that trick.

    He makes it look good.

  • mushroom

    aaah !! attaaaaaack!!!!!

  • http://www.koubis.com koubis

    // If Bailey was a trick… he is the sweatstance

    like shima is the fishbrain ;)

  • ty

    holy crap Rian Arnold got 2nd? that’s incredible!

  • Bazz.T

    RIAN ARNOLD IS THE HOT SHIT! Aussies are going places!!!

  • dvd

    i want aragon, fuk beili

  • Gonzalo

    Rian Arnold should have gotten 1st

  • old and bitter

    What’s happening to Bailey !? He used to be very clean on his tricks and his skating looks now really sketchy… Must be sick or something…

  • abel

    That edit was so sick and i didnt think that erik bailey was sketchy i really liked his true fish i think that it was crazy!!!…and soichiro was really nice too i really liked his style..

  • Chip Schlappi

    Dude you should have seen all the Japanese guys. I was there and they blew me away. All of them. It was fucking sick. I remember at one point Brent Hicks had tried like 10 times to land 540 true mizou when all of a sudden Soichiro came and landed it first try. Then Brent landed his right behind him. Then the other 2 japanise guys came through and landed it back to back right behind them. They all were amazing.

  • Jon

    dude, look at the pics and tell me what kidna skates broskow is setting up, i know those are roces, but could those be his pro skates soon to come out, and god damn sone again with the brown, but still he makes it look good

  • 8==D

    farme rules everybody else can sick my duck

  • charles manson from jail and more

    alors comme ca tu portes des casquettes de géant rian
    sale pute va
    still c town killaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzz ?
    still virgin ?

  • marshall

    Rian arnold did 360 fish and 270 bs unity top soul on the big box along with a bunch of other ridiculous shit (this kid is next level). Japanese dudes were flying around everywhere with ninja steeze, and andrew Jacuzzi was the shit too with a 540 AO soul on the big box. He and Shima would have both made it into the finals but they both got laced (jacuzzi fell from the top box to the ground if i recall, and shima took the pink rail to the chest then hit his face on the side of the ramp on the way down). Oh and aragon did full cab true top acid on the big box. Ridiculous comp, those guys are machines.

  • julian

    fuck yeah rian, Australia all the way they need to hold an imyta in Australia 1 year

  • Texas boy….chea!

    man i was there brian and ryan really killed shit chaz sands did to but he got screwed just cause he could not really lace anything on that big box…but he tore shit up he should have gotten third and eric was not that good the just put all the shit he did in one edit.

  • iishattyfookii

    dude! even though everybody didnt show up that comp. was the sheit! the thing i said the whole comp. was OMFG!!!

  • [megan]Rolling Love

    I always want to go see the hoedown every year. Erik was amazing as usual, he’s skated that park alot, hasnt he?
    Soichiro, where did that guy come from? That was crazy.

    I can’t wait to see more clips from this years hoedown.

  • prince Adam

    Yo charles manson!! la forme gamin?!!
    alors le pti rian se reconverti? caskette de géant!! hahahha jpense pas kil va capter! aller a biento! ds une semaine dailleur, jvé voir para one ds deux js!

  • im AJ you hooker

    so from that edit i liked eric’s stuff better the other guys pretty sick but the picture at the top has Matt in it with the able hoodie haha

  • Ca$h Money

    hahahahhahhahhaha look at the kid in the white hoodie haha.. SLC represent .haha

  • stephen

    all i have to say is ANDREW JACUZZI is my boi and remember the name he will do good next year he would have this year if he didnt hurt his hip tryin 540 soyale on the big box… but yeah ryan arnold killed the big box with some back slide budget acids regular and switch but aragon killed teh rail with fakie 540 hardspin top soul

  • tibo

    Fuck !! I love Valo cause they’re really into rollerblading…
    They show event, they travel everywhere….

    Vive Valo et Jon Julio !!!!!!

  • Henry Meyer

    that is so sick that Aragon won now he just needs to win the Barn Burner and he will be tied with Haffey

  • Landis

    Yeah man…I totally agree with stephen and kelso…. to me just from hearing the trick Andrew Jaccuzi won last year made Me shiver….and Yeah seeing him skate in person is pretty fun….he’s very good and has a good attitude….and yeah…what Kelso and stephen said….He’ll make the hoedown spark a fire next year.

  • MT

    I’m dying for the DVD!

  • http://www.google.com Amanda

    my ex made me watch it 10000 times i no everey line in this video